The method of measuring the angular acceleration

  • Олег Михайлович Поколенко Donbass State Technical University
Keywords: angular acceleration, accelerometer


The article describes the physical method of measuring the angular acceleration of a rotating body: a direct method for measuring it is considered, quantitative relationships are given.

Aim: to give an idea of one of the simplest ways to measure the angular acceleration of a rotating body as the basis of inertial navigation.

Objective: to demonstrate theoretically how simple it is to measure angular acceleration using an analogy.

Object of study: the process of teaching students in high school, in-depth study of the physics course.

Research methods: a general analysis of various instruments for measuring angular acceleration, identifying a simple method of measuring it using a logical method – an analogy.

Results: a simple method for measuring the angular acceleration was proposed, the practical use of the obtained measurements was indicated.

Conclusion: on the basis of a clear understanding of the topic “Rotational motion of a rigid body”, it is possible to measure the angular acceleration of a rotating body, the proposed method can be considered in a practical lesson with students.


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