Problem-solving process as a sequence of approaches and their results

  • Георгий Исаакович Скороход Dnepropetrovsk National University named Oles Gonchar
Keywords: mathematical problem solving, methods for solving, the result of applying the method


Objective focus teachers on what to teach methods of solving the problem solving process it is advisable to submit as an alternating sequence of individual solution approaches and results of their application. Six results are allocated: 1) the features of the problem are identify, 2) the problem is divided into several sub-problems, 3) the problem is converted to another problem, 4) introduced a modification of the problem that promotes in the decision, 5) received new information, 6) narrowed the search area solutions. Systematized techniques resulting in each result. Explicit selection of methods and results of their application in the process of solving each learning task should contribute to better their assimilation.


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