Learn conference at school on study of friction force

  • Дар’я Юріївна Грицуля SIHE “Kryvyi Rih National University”, 54, Gagarin Avenue, Kryvyi Rih, 50086, Ukraine
Keywords: friction force, school conference


The object of the research is teaching the phenomenon of friction force at school, the subject is the form of organization of educational activity.

Problem research: to develop educational procedure on physics for pupils, to analyze the procedure, to specify the recommendations for improving the organization of school conference.

The results: the information about the efficiency of this form of the teaching, its positive influence on the pupils` personal interest to physics has been got.

Recommendations for conducting school conference are to provide the students with enough time for preparing the conference, to monitor them carefully, to give the participants of the conference fundamental knowledge on the subject in advance, to include in one of the stages of the conference the report that would facilitate the feed-back of the audience with the speaker, to organize one of the reports in an artistic form with simple demonstrations, to provide with meaningful visual illustrations during oral presentations of students.


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