Implementation SMART-learning tools of modern network technologies
Майя Юхимівна Кадемія
Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University
Володимир Михайлович Кобися
Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University
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network technology

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Кадемія, М., & Кобися, В. (2019). Implementation SMART-learning tools of modern network technologies. New Computer Technology, 17, 36-40.
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The aims of the study is the design and implementation of SMART-learning based on advanced network technologies. The objectives of the study is to analyze the existing approaches to the design and implementation of SMART-learning using modern network technologies, the formation of the requirements for creating SMART-textbook and its structure. The object of the study is the educational process of pedagogical university. The subject of research is the use of advanced cloud technology for the design and implementation of SMART-pedagogical training in higher education. The paper analyzes, generalization and systematization of studies on the SMART-training on the use of cloud ICT in education, research and organizational activities of the university, made the experimental introduction of SMART-designed tutorial on using open source software and Internet resources. For evaluating the effectiveness of implementation of SMART-pedagogical training of students of higher education based on modern network technologies planned pedagogical experiment. Results of the study is planned to summarize the development of recommendations for the design and organization of training on SMART-based advanced network technologies in higher educational institutions.

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