Through global monitoring to school of the future: smartphone as a laboratory in pocket of each student
Vladimir M. Shatalov
Slavutich branch of the NTUU “KPI”
Victor S. Martynyuk
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Maxim V. Saveliev
Slavutich branch of the NTUU “KPI”


human-computer interaction
controlled environment
computers in education
student engagement

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Shatalov, V., Martynyuk, V., & Saveliev, M. (2015). Through global monitoring to school of the future: smartphone as a laboratory in pocket of each student. New Computer Technology, 13, 361-365. Retrieved from


The idea to unite smartphones used as personal environmental sensors and health indicators into a scalable network for data collection and processing by the internet-cloud is proposed. Access to the sensors, which are available in every smartphone, will provide the appropriate software. Such a monitoring at the global level would reveal the impact of the electromagnetic radiation, environmental pollution and weather factors on human health. Participation of students in these measurements increases their educational and social activities.



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