Using of cloud technologies while studying of exact sciences in secondary school
Виктор Исаакович Олевский
SHEE “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”
Юлия Борисовна Олевская
SHEE “National Mining University”
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cloud technology
comprehensive school
visitor statistics
site for teachers of mathematics

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Олевский, В., & Олевская, Ю. (2015). Using of cloud technologies while studying of exact sciences in secondary school. New Computer Technology, 13, 337-341. Retrieved from
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Research objectives: to analyze the experience of cloud technologies in education, namely the usage of sites in the Google Apps environment to study mathematics and physics in secondary school. The research goal is to determine the efficiency of this approach by analyzing site traffic statistics over a long period and geographic location of users. Object of research: using of cloud technologies in education. Subject of research: the using of cloud technologies while studying of mathematics and physics in secondary school. Research methods used: theoretical – analysis of government programs, scientific and methodological literature; empirical – learning, supervision over educational process, the analysis of statistical data. The results of the research obtained allow to determine the quality and effectiveness of the materials posted on the website. Website demonstrates compliance of the materials with international standards of education. Constant increase in the number of visitors of website of teachers of mathematics and physics demonstrates the growth of level of teaching exact sciences. Conclusions about the relevance and efficiency of cloud sites methodical and scientific direction for secondary school pupils was done. Application of cloud technology allows you to expand qualitatively organized educational process at virtually unlimited audience.

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