Cloud computing as a tool to support online activities
Олександр Вадимович Галицький
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Павло Васильович Микитенко
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Василь Михайлович Франчук
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
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cloud computing
web-based system
web-based service
Open conference systems
Office 365
Microsoft Lync
Hangouts On Air
online broadcast

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Галицький, О., Микитенко, П., & Франчук, В. (2015). Cloud computing as a tool to support online activities. New Computer Technology, 13, 158-166. Retrieved from
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This article provides an overview and recommendations on how to use cloud computing to support scientific events (conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.). Considered and analyzed the basic functionalities and characteristics of such systems as: Open Conference Systems, Office 365 (Microsoft Lync service) and Google (Hangouts On Air service). In the conduct of international and national conferences and seminars it is important to ensure openness and accessibility of the target audience of any city or country in real-time flow of events announced. Provide opportunities for the target audience to take online participation in the discussion of topical scientific problems and ask the speaker for his speech. Thanks to such web-based system for everyone as student or scientist may always and every, where, where there is access to the Internet, join to the online meeting to present their achievements and contributions and to report on its work.

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