Features of computer testing knowledge
Олена Павлівна Брітавська
South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University Named After K. D. Ushynsky
Іван Іванович Дончев
Наталія Володимирівна Бондаренко
Віталій Вікторович Горохов
Анатолій Володимирович Опарін
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computer testing of knowledge
knowledge control system

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Брітавська, О., Дончев, І., Бондаренко, Н., Горохов, В., & Опарін, А. (2018). Features of computer testing knowledge. New Computer Technology, 16, 127-133. https://doi.org/10.55056/nocote.v16i0.827
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The aim of the study is to introduce computer testing (CT) knowledge of students of specialized educational institutions to monitor the level of assimilation of theoretical knowledge and skills acquisition. The objectives of the study are to analyze the features of CT in the initial process as one of the ways of controlling knowledge of students during the current and thematic testing, final control, as a result of self-training of students, as well as in the case of distance learning for self-testing purposes. The objects of research are the process of CT in the system of knowledge control, the clarification of the benefits of using information technology in the testing process, as well as possible problems that arise in this case. The subject of the study is the use of the MyTest program suite for the creation and implementation of CT, the collection and analysis of results. Due to its simplicity, this complex can be used in educational institutions of different levels. On the one hand, the MyTest program suite does not have scaling features, but on the other hand, it is as simple and easy as a computational resource program that allows you to test simultaneously on multiple computers. The research results were introduced in the educational process of the MKTF of the OMA and some of the secondary schools of Odessa.

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