Development of cloud technologies in learning mathematical disciplines as a scientific problem

  • Наталя Василівна Рашевська Department of higher mathematics, SIHE «Kryvyi Rih National University», 11, XXII Partz’yizdu str., Kryvyi Rih, 50027, Ukraine
Keywords: ICT learning tools, cloud learning technology, system for learning support, learning management


The article deals with the question of the problem regarding the feasibility of using cloud technology in teaching mathematics in higher technical education. The research object is the process of learning mathematics in a technical university, the research subject is the process management system. The purpose of research is to analyze of investigated problems and to allocation of the key research tasks.

Analysis of the investigated problem showed that the main tasks of higher technical education today is to increase the quality of learning outcomes of graduates by providing fundamental and practical orientation training programs and enable everyone to free and open access to knowledge, taking into account their needs, abilities and interests. Implementation of the task is possible by creating the conditions for the conversion of a student from a passive consumer of knowledge provided to the active searcher and researcher. That is why one of the methods of the study was the analysis and synthesis of known experience with ICT in the learning process of higher mathematics for students of technical universities in order to generalize it to cloudy oriented teaching mathematical disciplines.

A result of research has identified key components that characterize the qualitative organization of the learning process and how to manage the learning process.

Monitored and controlled process of learning mathematical disciplines based on cloud technology enhances the forms and methods of interaction between teachers and students, students and students together with the resources of a common information space of the higher education system.


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Cloud technologies for mathematics learning