Really modern issues for masters from World German Cloud University
Nadia Ivanivna Shiyan
Poltava National V. G. Korolenko Pedagogical University, 2, Ostrogradski Street, Poltava, 36003, Ukraine
Rainer Unland
Martin Gröger
Dietrich Brandt
Torsten Brinda
Vardan Surenovich Mkrttchian


Cloud University
global market

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Shiyan, N., Unland, R., Gröger, M., Brandt, D., Brinda, T., & Mkrttchian, V. (2014). Really modern issues for masters from World German Cloud University. New Computer Technology, 12, 58-61. Retrieved from


The study aims to identify opportunities for masters who gives World German Cloud University. The article describes the entire process of project implementation on the example of one popular specialty Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). Our goal is to create and foster relationships between students of different countries and support them in their personal and professional development. Our network consists of 68 local groups in 26 countries, currently to 50,000 students. Project open wishing to join can contact a representative World German Cloud University in Ukraine – Professor Nadia Shiyan.